Puppy Training Classes

Let’s Talk Paws is proud to be the first behaviour and training business within The East Riding of Yorkshire to offer ‘Life Skills for Puppies’ training classes.

Life Skills training classes offer a novel approach to standard puppy classes. Developed by leading Veterinary Behaviourists at the University of Lincoln, the classes have been developed with an emphasis on preventing the occurrence of common behaviour problems and equipping puppies with the necessary skills to make the right choices in life and ultimately take responsibility for being a well behaved member of society.

Every dog owner wants a dog that can respond to and obey commands. However, raising a well behaved puppy involves more than obedience and learning to obey commands, it also involves teaching your puppy to understand which is the correct choice to make with regards to their behaviour whatever the context and choosing to display the appropriate behaviour without being asked. Remember, a puppy that can make appropriate choices without being asked will not only grow into a good canine citizen but will also be a pleasure to be around.

Life Skills classes do not aim to protect your puppy from the stresses associated with everyday life, but instead teach your puppy to be able to deal with whatever daily life throws their way in an appropriate manner.

The classes focus on ten key Life Skills which we believe cover all aspects of a dog’s life. These key skills have been developed in a way which means you as the owner should be able to incorporate these skills into daily life to reduce the time spent training your dog. However, as with any dog training, applying the Life Skills concepts whilst raising your puppy takes both commitment and consistency, but once these good habits and skills are established you will begin to reap the awards of a dog that knows how to behave under any circumstance.

During the 7 week course you will be able to learn alongside your puppy, as the Life Skills course will enable you as an owner to learn the ten Life Skills and understand the concepts associated with these skills, as well as work out how you can incorporate these skills to suit your lifestyle.


£70 for a 7 week course

Included in the price:

Full set of handouts to compliment what you will learn throughout the course

A rosette and certificate on completion of the course.

For more information or to book please contact us:

Tel: 07765845647 or Click To Email

What will your puppy learn?

  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Down
  • Walk nicely on a loose lead
  • Come when called
  • How to settle and keep themselves occupied appropriately
  • Good manners when in the presence of people and other dogs
  • Feeling comfortable with being both touched and groomed

The above are then used to support and reinforce the Ten Life Skills:

  1. I have confidence
  2. I like surprises
  3. I like to be touched
  4. I have self control and can tolerate frustration
  5. I can be calm
  6. I know the rules
  7. I can listen
  8. I have good manners
  9. I can make the right choice
  10. I am allowed to be a dog

**Please note the above ten Life skills are written as if from the dog’s perspective in order to emphasis that these are the skills that the puppy is learning to put in to practice, not what you as the owner are training the puppy to do.

In addition, as we believe in the benefits of early socialisation, each class also includes time for supervised play sessions between the puppies.

All Life Skills training classes are taught by an experienced and fully qualified animal behaviourist. Classes are open to puppies from 8 weeks (providing they have had their first vaccination) to 20 weeks of age, with a maximum of 5 puppies per course in order to make sure all puppies get the time and attention they deserve.

The ‘Life Skills for Puppies’ course consists of 7 classes. The first class is for owners only and lasts for an hour and a half (refreshments included). All further classes take place with the puppies and last for one hour.