Behaviour Consultations

Any behaviour that has a negative impact on yours or your animal’s life can be considered a problematic behaviour.At Let’s Talk Paws we can help with these behaviour problems through Behaviour Consultations for both dogs and cats.

The aim of a behaviour consultation is to observe and discuss the problem behaviour, with you and your family, in order to gain an understanding of the underlying cause of the problematic behaviour. Once the factors that may be causing or contributing to the behaviour have been established, we can then discuss with you, the owner, both the diagnosis and the treatment options available, and create a treatment plan that you can begin to implement with our support.

What does a Behaviour Consultation consist of?

Generally, behaviour problems can be solved and rectified through appropriate management and behaviour modification techniques alone. However, in some cases behaviour problems may be directly or indirectly linked to a current or previous medical condition, in which case veterinary involvement would be essential. Therefore, in accordance with the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors code of practice, a veterinary referral form (click to download) must be completed and signed by your vet prior to a consultation, in order to ensure that any medical conditions that could potentially be affecting your dog or cat’s behaviour can be addressed appropriately.

History Form
Once the veterinary referral form has been completed and signed, owners will receive a canine or feline history form to complete. History forms are extremely useful as they give us the background information necessary to start to understand the behaviour problem and the possible motivations for the behaviour before proceeding with the behaviour consultation. History forms must be completed and returned before a behaviour consultation can take place.

Behaviour Consultation
Behaviour consultations take place in your own home in order to observe your dog or cat’s behaviour in their normal environment. Consultations usually take between 2-3 hours depending on the complexity of the behaviour problem. During the consultation, we will take time to observe and discuss the behaviour problem in order to establish the underlying cause. Once a diagnosis has been established we will then discuss the most effective treatment options, resulting in a treatment plan that suits you and your pet’s needs and lifestyle, that you can begin implementing immediately.

Full Written Report
Following the behaviour consultation owners will receive a full written report within 5 days of the consultation, detailing both the diagnosis and treatment plan discussed during the consultation. Reports can also be sent to the referring vet at your request.

Follow-up consultation
Follow-up consultations are arranged approximately 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation; but can be altered accordingly depending on how well you feel you are progressing with the treatment plan. The follow-up consultation allows us to discuss you and your pet’s progress and refine and alter treatment plans if deemed necessary. We also offer free ongoing support via telephone and email between the initial and follow-up consultations and for an additional 4 months after the follow-up consultation.


Standard Behaviour Consultation Package: £190

Prices include:

Referral and history forms.
2-3 hour consultation.
Action plan outlining key treatments to start implementing immediately.
Full written report.
Follow-up consultation.
Ongoing support via telephone and email for a period of 4 months.

Additional follow-up consultations are available at a cost of £20

For more information about Behaviour Consultations or to book please contact us:

Tel: 07765845647 or Click To Email

Common behaviour problems dealt with:

Destructive behaviour
Fears and anxieties
Noise sensitivities
Separation problems
House soiling/urine marking
Repetitive and compulsive behaviours
Multi-pet household issues