Dog Behaviour

Dog ownership should be both an enjoyable and pleasurable experience, with owning a dog being proven to benefit peoples overall health and mental wellbeing.

Sadly, the strong dog-owner bond which can lead to so much happiness is often jeopardised by behaviour problems, with it previously being reported that just under half of dogs displayed behaviours that owners found problematic.

Coping with a dog that displays problematic behaviour can be extremely stressful for all involved, and after making numerous efforts to improve their dog’s behaviour, owners will often find themselves stuck in a rut and unsure what else they can do to rectify the problem.

At Let’s Talk Paws we understand how difficult it can be for owners trying to cope with their dog’s problematic behaviour on a daily basis and are therefore extremely understanding of the situation you are in.

As a professional animal behaviour consultancy we are fully qualified to help you manage and treat your dog’s behaviour problem. By gathering detailed information about your dog and the behaviour displayed we can start to understand the reasoning behind the problem behaviour, allowing the underlying cause of the behaviour to be established. Owners can then be supported and guided through appropriate and specifically designed treatment plans so that the enjoyment and pleasure you have so far shared with your dog can continue.

Let’s Talk Paws can help with a range of behaviour problems including:

  • Aggression towards people and other dogs
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Separation problems
  • House soiling
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Compulsive and repetitive behaviours
  • In addition to any other problem that is impacting negatively on you and your dogs life

For further information about the Behaviour Consultation Service we offer please click here.