Let’s Talk Paws operates from Burton Pidsea, near Hull and provides a professional and reliable animal behaviour consultancy service within The East Riding of Yorkshire.

Fully qualified in Clinical Animal Behaviour, Let’s Talk Paws prides itself on not only being able to help dog and cat owners treat and manage their pets behaviour problems, but also understand the underlying cause of these problematic behaviours. Ultimately, helping dog and cat owners to enjoy the special relationship they share with their pets to the maximum.

Problematic behaviour is not only a concern for the pet in question, behaviour problems displayed by dogs or cats have a direct impact on all involved; family, friends and even other pets living within the same household.

In cases where behaviours are impacting negatively on yourself or others, pet owners will often start to actively look for or seek advice with regards to the problematic behaviour. Unfortunately, owners will often receive poor advice which has the potential to enhance the problematic behaviour further.

Therefore, seeking advice from a professional within the field of companion animal behaviour with credible qualifications is always recommended, as they will not only be able to work with owners to treat and manage behaviour problems in a safe manner, but will also be able to develop treatment plans that are as stress-free for the pet in question as possible.

Let’s Talk Paws uses only positive reward-based behaviour modification and training techniques and will never use or advise the use of force or physical punishment to modify or teach new behaviours.

If you are concerned about the behaviour of your dog or cat please take a look at the ‘Behaviour Consultations’ section of this website where you can find more details about the behavioural service offered.

In addition to our Behaviour Consultancy Service, Lets Talk Paws also offers a range of other services.